Friday, January 18, 2008


Tony's off at the A1GP Motor Racing in Taupo with Dave today, so Kane and I are entertaining ourselves with all sorts of fun activities.Like Banana bread.....sitting cooling on the bench as we speak, and muffins...which I don't really want to talk about except to say they taste better with jam.

And sleeping.
And getting rid of some of our junk on Trademe.

And I've had a bit of time to get things organised for Art in the Park, in Rotorua on the 17th of Feb- it's an art market that's on every year, with real live artists at work and lots of stuff for sale.

I'm taking paintings, jewelry and mosaic hearts, plus anything else I can think of between then and now! I just have to stop selling stuff in the meantime or I'll have nothing to exhibit!

I just sold a couple of pieces to friends who called in today !

Some of the jewellry is going to be for sale on the Sugar blog pretty shortly too.

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Corin said...

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