Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Hey-la, Hey-hello-ah......

This last week has been one of those 'through the looking glass' experiences, straight out of Alice in Wonderland!
I was all set, ready to go to Art in the Park, but as always before putting oneself out in public to be criticized or admired, I started to have MAJOR second thoughts. What if nobody even looks at my stuff? What if they make rude comments about it right in front of me? etc etc. Poor Tony spent most of his free time convincing me that it would be a nice day out in the fresh air, I should just ignore rude people....

Well, people did more than just look and not make rude comments, they bought stuff!! Lots of it!! I sold more than two thirds of what I took down there, I have some orders for more, made some great contacts, met up with an old friend I haven't seen for years....it was blimmen fantastic! And we have a nice little pile of loot to put away for a rainy day too.

So I've been spending a bit of time working on another blog I set up just for my artwork- it's over at wordpress, also called Running with Scissors (because my baby brain didn't extend to thinking up a new name!) I'm all inspired to finally do something serious with my artistic ability. What a difference a week makes!

In other news, Kane has discovered the joys of the jolly jumper- he gets so excited he looks like some kind of demented leprechaun performing in Riverdance!

Also- I'm gaining weight while breastfeeding!!???!! What's that about?????

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Megan said...

Hey sweet,
Oh belive me I've put on a bit as well. I think because Ara is/was drinking so much I'd just keep eating and eating...and I've really got into food...oh dear
I think its time for some more walks and a little of watching what I eat again...or maybe we just cruz for a while and wait...see and maybe think of the next one...
I also find that I'm eating the wrong foods...for me. I am bulking out. I find that if I eat meat I'm not so hungery and fruit...poor David has to wait until the children a weaned until we go vegan or at least veggie.
I'm sure your just as beautiful as your wedding day...if not more with a lovely bubba and lovely hubby.
Oh man I can't wait to see you guys.