Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I've been tagged......

Megan at Parenting Style has tagged me for a meme..... so here I go.

The Rules

1. Link to the person that tagged you
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3. Share 6 non-important things/quirks about your kid
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6. Let the fun begin!


My little guy is only 3 months old, and he hasn't been exhibiting too much quirky behaviour just yet, but he does keep us laughing!

1. He pulls this absolutely adorable little face when he stretches- he arches his whole body, puts his hands up by his head like little bunny ears and raises his eyebrows way up- looks like a little old man. SO cute.

2. He plays this funny little game with my Dad sometimes- Dad tips his head one way, and Kane copies him, then the other way and Kane follows, etc etc. They both sit there grinning at each other like goofballs and tipping their heads from side to side!

3. One of his favourite activities is looking at himself in the mirror- I wonder who on earth he thinks the little bald guy looking back at him is! They have a great time together anyway.

4. I'm struggling a bit here.......Um...He's just started getting some teething pains, and when he's about to launch into a big crying session, his whole face crumples and little bottom lip quivers for a few seconds and it's the most heartbreaking thing to see. I wish I could do teething for him!

5. He has little goo/gee/gaaa conversations with anyone who will listen to him, especially with his Dad and often with his reflection in the stainless steel rubbish bin next to where his bouncer sits.

6. Another favourite activity is when Dad puts a little chicken toy on top of a record that's playing- it spins round and round and is apparently one of the most fascinating things in the world- we can watch that one for ages!

So I'm tagging Andrea, Luckybeans, and Artsy-crafty babe.

I haven't forgotten to nominate people for the excellent blogger award either, I'm just a bit snowed under at the moment! I'll do it soon, I promise!!!!!

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Megan said...

Oh new Mum's are not suposed to be on the ball.
Your doing so well