Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Mercury-free kid

I found a site yesterday selling kid's Tshirts with little slogans on them- "x-box-free kid" "sugar-free kid" "TV-free kid" etc... They're pretty cute, but "mercury-free kid" really got my attention.
We've decided not to immunise Kane, and we've had a wee bit of subtle, indirect flack for it. Nobody's come straight out and said we're irresponsible, but it's been implied in ten or twenty different ways by different people.
We're very clear on our reasons for not choosing to immunise. We've done the homework and made our choices- but we're definitely not out to convince anyone else that they shouldn't do it, it's just what we've decided for our family. I guess what we're not yet clear on is how to live in a pro-immunisation world, with an un-immunised child? Where does one get the intestinal fortitude to take their kid out proudly advertising on his little Tshirt the fact that they've chosen not to go there? Isn't that asking to be challenged? Is it not asking for awkward, pointless discussions with partially-informed people? Immunisation in my experience is a more emotive topic for lots of people that religion and politics combined! Would it not be best to just leave it be?
What do you think? Lurkers- de-lurk and let me know how you've handled this!!

What do you think? Can anyone who's not immunised their child let me in on how they get by?


Corin said...

Hm...really interesting topic, that shirt. I would have to say, I would in fact be proud for my two year old daughter to sport a shirt like that.

We decided not to immunize our kids, for a lot of reason, ones which I'm, like I'm sure you are, very used to having to explain to people.

But how I think about it is that I'm not out to try and convince people they should or shouldn't immunize their kids. I'm out to spark people into wanting to get informed and read as much as they can on the topic. Because the real killer in our society, in any topic, is ignorance.

So if someone see's a shirt like that that pisses them off, that actually might be a good thing because some of those people might just stop and wonder why it pisses them off so much then go and read a little about it. And some will just be curious. And some won't care at all. But the point is that you're sparking brain cells in peoples heads and snapping some of them out of this semi-comatose state that we seem to be in as a society.

I think it's important to rattle peoples brains a bit over important issues like our children's livelihoods.

Now t-shirts that spark controversy over NFL players or your favorite candy bar..who need the extra drama!? I say save it for the important stuff!

Nickname unavailable said...

Way to go! You've made the right choice. One thing you can do to help the cause is to not call them 'Immunizations'. It implies that giving them a shot provides immunity. It doesn't, and shots don't guarantee anything as you probably know. Use the word vaccinate. much more accurate. Good luck and stay strong! :)